TEMA ISENMANN is the leader in open cast urethane screening media. By offering a wide range of durometers, we can produce screens for any application either wet or dry. Screening media is available in a variety of panels from the popular WS85 modular system, bolt down panels, tension panels, pin and leg panels, and other systems.


TEMA ISENMANN has internal design capabilities such as AutoCAD, Solidworks and AGGFLOW. With AGGFLOW, we are able to make calculations to determine correct opening and panel design for the required capacity, efficiency, wear-life and spec for any application.


Whatever the application...

We can meet your screening needs!

  Iron Ore                   Coal

  Gold Ore                 Copper

  Quartzite                  Diamonds


   Trap Rock

   Railroad Ballast

   Sand and Gravel

   Agricultural Products

 WS 2.10 Magnetic Wear Liners

Chute Liners 
Feed & Discharge Lip Liners 
Tube Covers 
Will fit any pipe down to a 4" diameter!
Skirt Board Liners
One of the most innovative products ever developed! Greatly reduces labor costs and safety risks

Designed to provide maximum holding power! Also offered with ceramics embedded in our superior quality urethane
Frame Protectors

Vibratory Pan Liners
Crown Bar Covers

Spray Hole Covers

Tube Cover Housing
Other Custom Made Liners...