• #1 screen media for tight separations when fine screening up to 6% damp material
  • Highest open area in "hard-to-screen" sizes
  • Guaranteed non-blinding and long wear life
  • #1 synthetic screen for fine dry screening
  • Prevents blinding while allowing the use of square openings in fine dry screening
  • Preferred screening media for wet dust suppression

Flex-A-Thon works when all else fails! Flex-A-Thon will out perform "Z" slot screens

It's like having another crew! No more hours wasted replacing screen decks. Flex-A-Thon's superior wear life has proven itself in the top U.S. aggregate plants. Pre-tensioned in each direction, it vibrates similar to a drum skin to prevent particles from sticking.

With the greatest choice of apertures, Flex-A-Thon comes in square, oval and slotted openings. Available in more than 250 openings from .8mm (.03") to 20mm (1.14")

Flex-A-Thon screens are made from a thin, yet highly durable, polyurethane material. The urethane membrane is punched and pretensioned to be lively, flexible and resilient, as well as providing the highest open area of any synthetic screen. 

Flex-A-Thon screens remain open, unplugged and unblinded with minimal attention!

Product Feed Crushed Limestone "Quarter by dust" crushed gravel Crushed granite
  • Extreme blinding due to wet dust suppression / weather conditions
  • Product frequently halted for cleaning
  • Inconsistent product gradations
  • Carbon wire blinded terribly
  • Maintenance delays
  • Severe blinding
  • Stainless steel, heated screens and chains didn't work
  • Significantly reduced blinding and increased production
  • Showed little appreciable wear after one year's use
  • Consistent product gradiations
  • Corrected blinding
  • Increased production 20%
  • Fine screen blinding problems solved
  • Investment justified

Guaranteed Cost Effective

Our goal is to meet your custom and standard screening and wear needs. We offer a complete line of systems which can be custom-made to your specifications. All of our systems are designed for efficient, productive, long-lasting performance and are engineered with simplicity in mind. Higher wear life, more efficiency and reduced labor result in lower cost per ton. TEMA ISENMANN will provide a free, cost-saving proposal for your application upon request.