• Proprietary TDS (TEMA Dust Screen) aperture design creates a flexible, non-blinding panel
  • Compatible with all 1' x 1' and 1' x 2' systems in injection molded or open-cast materials
  • "Hi-Flow System" offers reduced margins for increased open area
  • Exclusive "Push-Through" pins punch out, requiring no extraction
  • Solid pins designed for quick, easy installation and removal

Available in standard injection-molded and all open-cast materials

The proprietary TDS screen is molded with disconnected webs to create a flexible, non-blinding panel. Available in standard and Hi-Flow 1' x 1' and 1' x 2' injection-molded panels in yellow and black.

All TEMA ISENMANN products and systems are designed for efficient and productive low-maintenance. We stand behind all of our products' ability to provide screening and wear solutions with exceptional, cost-effective service life.

"Open Cast" panels, made of our proprietary polyurethane materials, provide superior wear performance compared with injection-molded materials.

The "Hi-Flow System" is designed for increased open area by reducing the pin and margin profile. This system is ideally suited for increasing capacity within a limited area.
Product Feed 3/4" minus material wet screening Dry screening of fine materials with 3% or greater inherent moisture Large top size, abrasive material and aggressive loads in both wet and dry applications
Problem High cost of downtime, screening media and replacement labor Screen blinding Inadequate wear of injection-molded panels
Solution TEMA ISENMANN 85 durometer injection-molded material provides longer wear life while maintaining screening efficiency TDS screen with disconnected webs creates a flexible non-blinding panel TEMA ISENMANN's open-cast screens provide increased wear life and offer more cost-effective service

Guaranteed Cost Effective

Our goal is to meet your custom and standard screening and wear needs. We offer a complete line of systems which can be custom-made to your specifications. All of our systems are designed for efficient, productive, long-lasting performance and are engineered with simplicity in mind. Higher wear life, more efficiency and reduced labor result in lower cost per ton. TEMA ISENMANN will provide a free, cost-saving proposal for your application upon request.