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5 Things to Know About Open Cast Polyurethane in Mining Screen Media


The demand for mining and aggregate operations is booming, so maximizing efficiency in time, budget and profitability is more important than ever. Choosing the right tools, especially in screen media, is a crucial step. 
There are many kinds of engineered screen media, but polyurethane has some unique properties that make it unparalleled in resilience and life expectancy. What gives it these characteristics? Here are 5 things to know about open cast polyurethane:

1.Open cast polyurethane takes the longest to manufacture


The hot open-cast process provides a long, slow cure and post-cure that enhances the cross-linking of the polyurethane molecules. Although open-cast thermoset polyurethane components are more labor-intensive to manufacture, the result is a greater range of physical properties that result in better wear and overall performance. 

2.Polyurethane provides durability


This material permanently hardens when it cures, sustaining the chemical properties, and prevents wearing down or breakage. This gives it a longer wear life than other materials with fewer screen changes and less maintenance, saving money in the over time.

3.It can be used in anything from fine wet and dry screening to primary scalping


With options in size and specs, open cast polyurethane screens can be used in practically all screening applications. This high-quality product maximizes productivity for any operation. 

4.Polyurethane reduces the noise level compared to other screens


Polyurethane material lessens the noise level of production operations, especially compared to metal screens. This allows for more production time in areas where there may be restrictions. 

5.It comes in different forms to fit your need, matching a range of structural designs and durometers


Polyurethane screen media allow for customized solutions to many issues and efficiency needs. Its versatility allows for efficiency in every aspect of mining and aggregate operations. TEMA ISENMANN takes pride in our products that solve problems for our customers across the world.
  • WS 85 Modular Screen
  • Flex-A-Thon
  • Polyurethane Pin & Leg Systems
  • Boltdown & Tension Systems
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