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Open-Cast Polyurethane

The hot open-cast process provices a long slow cure and post-cure that enhances the cross-linking of the polyurethane molecules. Although open-cast thermoset polyurethane components are more labor-intensive to manufature, the result is a greater range of advanced physical properties which results in better wear and overall life performance as well as a significant cost savings. 

WS 85 Modular Screen™

WS 85 screen panels are made with the highest quality, mine duty, open cast urethane available anywhere in the world! They are manufactured and supplied in a range of durometers and custom structural designs to meet any and every screening application. From fine wet and dry screening to primary scalping and every other screening application in between – TEMA ISENMANN WS 85 screen panels are plant proven to be the best.

  • The standard for 1' x 4' and 1' x 2' modular panel systems
  • Exclusive staggered pattern for increased efficiency
  • Openings from 0.2mm to 8"
  • 30 to 100mm thick panels; can include dams and diverters
Proprietary Knock-In Bar System


Flex-A-Thon screens are made from a thin, yet highly durable, polyurethane material. The urethane membrane is punched and pretensioned to be lively, flexible and resilient, and provides the highest open area of any synthetic screen.
  • #1 screen media for tight separations when fine screening up to 6% damp material
  • Guaranteed non-blinding and long wear life
  • Prevents blinding while allowing the use of square openings in fine dry screening
  • Preferred screening media for wet dust suppression

Polyurethane Pin & Leg Systems

Modular open-cast Polyurethane Pin & Leg Panels are compatible with all 1' x 1' and 1' x 2' systems.

  • Proprietary TDS aperture design creates flexible non-blinding panels
  • Hi-flow system offers reduced margins for increased open area
  • Solid pin design for quick, easy installation & removal

Boltdown & Tension Systems

  • Boltdown panels are designed and manufactured to suit the application
  • Steel-backed reinforcement for high impact resistance
  • Materials are available to optimize wear life
  • Options range from soft urethane with excellent impact resistance to higher durometer suited for fine, wet applications
  • Tension screens are cable-reinforced and custom-made to fit any crown deck

  • Direct replacement for single and double crown side tension configurations

  • End tension designs are also available

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