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Injection Molded Polyurethane Modular Panels

Injection Molded Polyurethane Modular Panels are available in 1' x 1', 30 to 80mm thick
  • Reduced operating costs — only worn panels are replaced
  • Quick and simple installation and removal
  • Panels are reinforced internally and stay flat
  • A wide range of aperture sizes and thicknesses
  • Compatible fastening systems with market requirements

Polywedge Screen Panels

This composite screen panel offers the excellent wear characteristics of polyurethane coupled with the high open areas of wedgewire. Used extensively in coal.

TeePee™ Panels

With typically double the open area of conventional dewatering panels, increased capacity can be achieved on existing dewatering screens.

Polypunch Screen Panels

Modular design ideal for use where there is a combination of high impact and velocity.

Vibroplast Screen Panels

A patented design with interconnecting apertures and alternative solid dams of different thicknesses make the screen panel non-pegging and non-blinding.

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