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Polyurethane Flood & Spray Nozzles

Flood Nozzles

Our Flood Nozzle design reduces downtime and ensures constant, efficient operation. Manufactured from abrasion-resistant polyurethane, ensuring long life, they replace two or three conventional spray nozzles with one, by utilizing a 120-degree spray angle. The orifice diameter for standard sizes facilitates uninterrupted flow by reducing blockage problems from contaminated water.

Spray Nozzles

Our range of Spray Nozzles come in different orifice sizes for different flow rates, with either round or rectangular orifices to suit all applications.
  • Wet screening
  • Ore washing
  • Medium recovery
  • Slime removal
  • Conveyor belt cleaning
  • Uniform water curtain with high operating efficiencies

Aquaplast Spray Nozzles

PDR = Round
PDS = Rectangular

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