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Product Highlight: Boltdown and Tension Systems

TEMA ISENMANN is all about providing solutions to the problems people in the mining industry face. Our boltdown and tension systems, made with our open-cast polyurethane, are the perfect example of this. All TEMA ISENMANN products are guaranteed to optimize screen wear life and are cost-effective.
What are these products? Boltdown panels are designed and manufactured to suit the application, contain steel-backed reinforcement for high impact resistance, and the materials are available to optimize wear life. Options for these products range from soft urethane with excellent impact resistance to higher durometers suited for fine, wet applications, and are custom made to fit any OEM equipment.
Tension screens are steel cable-reinforced and custom-made to fit any crown deck. These screens are a direct replacement for single and double crown side tension configurations. TEMA ISENMANN also offers the end tension designs for tension systems.
These product systems contain all the benefits of TEMA ISENMANN polyurethanes without deck modification. The selections and capabilities for these products are unlimited, including custom configurations and impact areas that can be molded into the screen.
Now that we know what these products are, what are some problems these products can fix? Let’s say the product feed is a dry screening of fine materials. You can run into the problem of screen blinding, which is when individual particles get stuck inside of the holes on the screens and prevent other materials from passing through properly. TEMA ISENMANN Flex-A-Thon non-binding screens provide consistent product gradation between fine materials and can be offered in the tension screen configuration. 
What if the application is both wet and dry with more abrasive and crushed materials? This causes excessive screen wear in most cases. However, the TEMA ISENMANN polyurethane material provides excellent impact resistance and superior wear properties to deal with rough materials.
All TEMA ISENMANN products can be custom-made and fit to the specs individuals need. Whatever problem may arise with mining equipment and materials, TEMA ISENMANN has the solution!
If you are interested in learning more about our boltdown and tension systems, getting a quote, or have any questions, reach out to us here or give us a call at 859-252-0613. We’re glad to talk with you more and take pride in providing the highest quality screening media. Remember to Think Yellow!

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