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Frequently Asked Questions About Magnetic Wear Liners


Imagine taking 15 minutes to swap out a liner rather than going off-line for a day or more to replace a piece of expensive equipment. That, in a nutshell, is the value WS 2.10 wear liners offer.
TEMA’s patented Magnetic Wear systems deliver custom solutions for all your wear and screening needs with quick-install, no-bolt, no-glue, no-weld systems. They are a great solution for aggregate mining operations, but we often get questions about the product. Here are five FAQs about magnetic wear liners:
Why use magnetic wear liners?
One of the most important functions of magnetic liners is to prevent wear on expensive equipment and machinery. They can be applied to the most crucial places in your operation or system to fight premature wear, giving your equipment more durability and longer lifespans.
Are Magnetic Wear Liners Easy to Use?
Yes, one of the great benefits of these liners is the ease of use. From installation to maintenance, TEMA liners require no tools, glue or welding, making them a helpful solution.
  • No welding or cutting
  • Easy rotation
  • Quick installation and removal
Where can you use magnetic liners?
Magnetic Wear Liners can be applied to any steel surface that sustains wear. They are great for use in Chutes, Frame Protectors, Tube Covers, Discharge and Feed Lips, and Pan Liners, for example. Because of their easy installation and removal, you can quickly switch out panels as needed to keep systems running smoothly.
Can magnetic liners be used for static and vibratory applications?
This product is designed with an extremely strong magnetic attraction that will hold in all applications and serve as a cost-efficient solution for aggregate mining. Magnetic liners stay approved securely in place and can be trusted across various uses.
Does TEMA ISENMANN offer magnetic wear liners?
TEMA’s WS 2.10 Wear Liners are made from high-quality polyurethane that can be applied to any steel surface. They snap in place with no tools or welding required, giving you more efficient screening and better durability.
WS 2.10 Wear Liners protect your investment! Reach out to us for more information.

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