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Girder Fastening Systems: Safety and Efficiency


Ask anyone in the mining industry: what is the most important aspect of when doing your job? Their answer will most likely be safety.
It is extremely important to use products and practices in mining that will keep everyone working safe and produce the end products efficiently and effectively. Girders are an important piece of the screening process within the mining puzzle to ensure all of this happens!
Here at TEMA ISENMANN, we are no exception in believing safety is the number one priority at all mining sites. We put safety at the top of our lists when making products for these environments as well.
A Girder is a type of beam used in construction sites and mines to support structures and products. These types of beams are typically longer and able to support more than any normal beam. For TEMA ISENMANN specifically, our WS85 fastening system starts with a Girder.
We produce and design systems for efficient and productive low maintenance operation. The less amount of time you need to spend installing, updating, and maintaining your mining equipment, the more time you have to produce a quality product.
TEMA ISENMANN offers a number of Girder Fastening Systems, all of which meet industry standards and market requirements. The WS85 Deck Support System includes a rail system and molded knock-in girder bars. They are made of 304 stainless or mild steel and are available in heavy duty and standard duty sizing. We also have a proprietary knock in bar system, Kombi Rail for pin and leg style panels, and SXI Conversion Strip System to convert from pin and leg to WS85.
We know mining products are not one size fits all, so we work with you to find the best product to fit your needs. All Girder products purchased through TEMA ISENMANN are custom spec’d to fit the specific unit and application they are needed for.
If you are interested in learning more about our Girder Fastening Systems and products, getting a quote, or have any questions, reach out to us here or give us a call at 859-252-0613. We’re glad to talk with you more and take pride in providing the highest quality screening media. Remember to Think Yellow!

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