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How It Works: WS 2.10

The Patented WS 2.10 Screen Panels and Wear Liners are some of TEMA ISENMANN’s most highly requested products. This exclusive line offers the unique ability to attach panels and liners to equipment with the power of magnets. The patented method includes special magnets that polarize with one another, thus tripling in strength. This permits exceptional hold to any magnetic surface all while our proprietary open-cast urethane formula guarantees excellent wear life in a variety of applications.
Magnetic fastening is beneficial to our customers in many ways. When WS 2.10 is installed, no bolting, welding, or glue is needed. So, welders are no longer required for installation and more individuals can simultaneously work on the job. This allows for faster placement of the products and reduced downtime.
Safety is also important to consider when purchasing a screening or wear liner solution. There are instances in which these items must be installed in a confined space or with minimal clearance. The absence of welding greatly eliminates the risk associated with working in these conditions and special work permits do not have to be acquired. Also, the threat of plant fire posed by welding is diminished when you choose WS 2.10.
After installation, the WS 2.10 products get to work. Our wear liners help prevent wear in chutes and other areas of the plant where material flows. Special blends and durometers of urethane are available and can us used to prevent clogging and buildup in chutes, therefore avoiding spillage that may contaminate products and harm workers if the material was to fall.
WS 2.10 wear liners are often used to patch holes in various chutes anywhere in the plant. This prevents spillage and reduces downtime until proper maintenance can be performed. Once the damaged area is ready to be permanently repaired, maintenance can look for the Yellow and know they are in the right place.
Applications of the patented WS 2.10 products can be used for include wear protection on chutes, bins, and hoppers, screening machines, and skirt board linings. The possibilities are endless.
Essentially, the WS 2.10 products were designed to reduce equipment downtime, reduce labor cost, increase safety, and reduce the cost of liner material as steel must no longer be replaced.
The WS 2.10 modular screen panels offer all the same benefits as WS 2.10 wear liners including increased safety, long lasting wear, and reduced labor cost. They are ideal for hard to get to middle and bottom deck applications and can be installed and replaced with less labor and lower downtime. They are designed to fit directly onto the WS 85 steel girders and can also be designed to fit various other modular systems, like pin type systems, with minimal modification required to the steel stringers.
If you are interested in learning more about our patented WS 2.10 products, getting a quote, or have any questions, reach out to us here or give us a call at 859-252-0613.
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