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Testimonial Story

Here at TEMA ISENMANN, we pride ourselves on having some of the best products in the industry. However, our excellence does not end with our products. We strive to have the best people and the best team in the industry, through exceptional customer service and beyond. We believe there is power in both our products and our people.
Don’t just take it from us. We were able to speak with a longtime client and get his true thoughts on working with TEMA ISENMANN. For privacy reasons, this client will remain anonymous.
When asked about his experience working with TEMA ISENMANN, this client responded:
“I’ve been working with TEMA for about eight to ten years now, the entire time has been with the same salesman as the primary (contact) … Every application that I have done, he has been integral in helping me set those up, figuring out the right processes, if we have issues, he is right there instantly to assist in any way shape or form.”
“I deal with hundreds of vendors, he is one of the top in the industry for understanding the needs and being able to assist you in any way shape or form… not only just verbally but physically as well, and that is rare in this field.”
Not only did he speak about the customer service he received, but he also spoke about the products:
“I have converted all three of my plants to TEMA products. The product itself is phenomenal. We literally went from having to change screens out pretty much on a daily basis between the three plants, to not having to change screens at all. So the product itself is fantastic.”
“Where the savings come in (with TEMA ISENMANN) is the amount of time that a urethane screen will last compared to a wire cloth media. On top of that, the exposure that your men have in not having to get up there and change screens constantly is one of the biggest factors for me. It provides a very large element of safety.”
When asked how his businesses and sites have improved since installing TEMA ISENMANN products, this client responded:
“We’ve improved by increased uptime. We decreased our downtime exponentially, so that is a significant improvement. Not changing the screens at all is a significant help.”
When asked what he would say to another person who was thinking about contacting TEMA ISENMANN for product installation, he said:
“They would be foolish not to. When you’re looking at the fact or switching over to a urethan from a wire media or going in with a brand-new application, the TEMA team gets everything together and it comes to you ready to go and be installed.”
We are proud to be able to make a difference in the industry through our products and our people. If you are interested in learning more about our products, getting a quote, or have any questions, reach out to us here or give us a call at 859-252-0613. We’re glad to talk with you more and take pride in providing the highest quality screening media.
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